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Why Overpricing Your Property Can Be Fatal

Our region has a lot of vacant commercial property on the market, but it still can be hard to find that perfect space.  When pricing the space, your real estate professional is your best resource.   Sometimes, owners think that initially setting the square foot rate high is a good strategy.  This can be problematic...


Monitoring the Future of 1031 Exchanges

While working with Coldwell Banker Commercial, I have access to professionals in the field who keep me updated on political and real estate trends. Those who use 1031 Exchanges may want to pay attention to what I learned from Jim Gillespie, an expert in the Commercial Real Estate field. There are proposed changes to the current income tax laws that might eliminate the option for a 1031 tax-deferred exchange.


How Will the New President Affect Commercial Real Estate?

While Oregon didn’t follow the voting trend, we are still wondering what this means for commercial real estate? Well, we've probably never had a President who has as much personal investment in commercial real estate doing well as Donald Trump does. He owns a lot of commercial property, and if the market goes south, he's going to take a big hit with his personal wealth.