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The Trouble with Tariffs
Tariff increases and subsequent fears about a potential “trade war” have dominated the news cycle.
How the Real Rate of Inflation is Impacting Your Commercial Property Rent Income
There’s something very strange going on with our country’s inflation rate. While the government reported a low aggregate inflation rate of 2.4%, the cost of housing, energy and other items rose considerably this year. How can the economy have low inflation and higher prices at the same time? This discrepancy is...
How Interest Rates Impact Commercial Property Values  
Anyone with experience in commercial real estate or the building industry, especially in Salem and the Mid-Valley, has lived through some rocky times. 
Understand Your Commercial Property Insurance to Avoid Surprises
Taking the time to understand your property’s insurance plan can prevent problems before they occur.
Don't Put Off the Move
Often, people abandon their resolutions shortly after committing to them. Much like personal goals, businesses often fall short of their professional goals.
Negotiating Real Estate
It is important to be conscious of the way you negotiate and the impact that your negotiation tactics will have.
The Future of Financing
Currently, while many markets are experiencing sustained levels of value with their commercial real estate, the pace of buying in many areas has slowed, as buyers seem to be wondering whether or not they should still be paying today's prices.
Navigating Economic Waves
...when you juxtapose this recent uncertainty within the stock market with the financial pinch felt by companies and industries, it can lead to questions about where the economy is headed in the near future.
Staging your Commercial Property to Sell
Research suggests that on average staged homes sell over 80% faster and for 20% more.  
How to Hire the Best Real Estate Broker
You are going to make a very important decision in your next commercial real estate transaction, one that will probably involve hundreds-of-thousands or even millions of dollars.